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1. So what I don't understand (and I'm an electrical engineer with a wireless knowledge base), is why on the map the quiet zone is rectangular, not circular, and why the telescope is not even centered within it? A large amount of that quiet zone is not necessary. Draw a circle centered on the telescope and make it just big enough to touch the closest edge of the current zone. Everything outside that circle is now outside the zone. Done! - 3 weeks ago
2. He didn't mention it, but in between the throw-away pull tab, and the current modern design, Pepsi Co. made one with two circular areas, one small for venting and one larger to drink from. You open the can by pushing in the small vent circle, then the larger one. They swung down into the can, but stayed attached at one side, so no risk of accidentally swallowing one (especially the small one). - 3 weeks ago
3. That's actually extremely difficult to do - moving across the stage smoothly like that, with the top line perfectly even & level. - 3 months ago

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