Where did the airlines park their airplanes?
Global airline travel has been dramatically affected as a result of the corona virus and as a result, the airlines have been temporarily storing their fleet at select locations to wait out the current crisis. Southern California Logistics Airport (KVCV) in Victorville, California is one of the primary storage depots for Delta, Southwest and FedEx. It is also one of the largest airplane boneyards in the USA. ComAv is the company that stores and manages these aircraft. It is home to dozens of Boeing 737 Max jets as a result of their recall in 2019. In addition, you can find many other jets, including Boeing 747, 757, and 767 aircraft. There are also Airbus A310, A320 and McDonnell-Douglas MD-10 and MD-11 aircraft. KVCV was recently also the home for the next generation Air Force One Boeing 747-8 jets.
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