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1. ok lets break this down Mark: Even with a mask covering your mouth, your body will sense it's own oxygenation levels and adjust your breathing accordingly. I'm sure you've noticed yourself starting to breath heavily when you try to think too hard - this is why. Doorsfreak: 95% is already a big reduction. If 2 people are both wearing masks the reduction would be 99.75%. And I have an experiment for you, have a friend (or a stranger) cough in your face, and see how much of their spit gets on you with and without a mask, then report back in 2-3 weeks. Thanks. Also the doors suck. - 2 weeks ago
2. This is so stupid. I can see how you might think it was a rabbit at first glance but... it has a beak ffs - 11 months ago
3. It's nothing to do with our lifestyle, our spine hasn't evolved to match our gait, which is exactly what the video was saying. Also athletes have to be very careful to avoid damaging their bodies, and despite being careful athletes in many fields have limited careers due to irreversible damage to things like their back and knees. The body can't heal everything - 1 year ago

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3. The Art of Making a Nixie Tube - 3 years ago

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