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1. p.s.-it WAS in the media as well, Oprah Winfrey, and Anderson Cooper for starters.. - 5 years ago
2. As per the stupid comments about not seeing this on the news..., the National Media stopped reporting about shootings in Detroit forever ago, especially when the story begins as a 'John Doe' shooting.. There's probably a hundred of those a day in Detroit's east side.. As for wounds, unless you're a forensics expert, shaaaaddup! You're an idiot, those wounds are consistent with a trembling hand of a loser trying to kill a boy with the spirit of a warrior, with shotgun shells filled with BIRD shot.. - 5 years ago
3. Uh.., Oprah Winfrey, and Anderson Cooper don't count as viable sources? As for the wounds,..his X-rays showed bird shot bb's, not the bigger Buck Shot.. Had them been BuckShots, or a Slug, Ross would have died instantly.. He survived because the jackass who shot him was an idiot who knew nothing about Guns & Ammo obviously.. THE story is legit.. You don't get that worked up when reminiscing, over a 'fake' story.. I know, Ive died on my own bedroom floor for other stupid reasons, and have trouble talking about it without getting choked up.. - 5 years ago

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