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1. Hunk? why so genius??? it's obvious that 75/25 = 3, 50/25 = 2 => (x*75 - 50)/25 = x*3-2 pretty straightforward then... - 8 years ago
2. Now do that again, this time be IN it, move only at the last brink when they get too curious and want to touch you... - 8 years ago
3. Hey you took my comment away between the 19 spam posts :( okay anyway: I don't think a hoverboard will be possible since both surfaces have to be magnets. What I do think is possible is an enlargement turning this into a kind of crazy carousel :p - 8 years ago

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1. Impressive math on the gameshow 'Countdown' - 8 years ago
2. David Attenborough - Wonderful World - 8 years ago
3. Man Screaming at Trucks and Trains - 8 years ago

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