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1. This is cringy - 1 year ago
2. I'm sure this is exactly what was going on. But to the majority of the public eye (who are not that smart) will see this in a positive manner and take it for face value, which is good in my opinion given current state of the US. - 1 year ago
3. Didn't shed a tear for this one. It was overly dramatic and try hard to get me to even tear up. - 1 year ago

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1. Creator of the human roller suit (As seen in the movie Yes Man) flies down a volcano roadway. - 3 years ago
2. HORSE - 3 years ago
3. "Slow Tech" by Joe Kraus - 4 years ago

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1. He made the 1st move - 3 years ago

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1. Homemade Flying bathtub - 1 day ago
2. Armed Robber Gets Locked Inside Houston Store - 2 days ago
3. Tyrone does not approve of smokers - 3 days ago

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