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1. Holy shit. And I just started binge-watching Halt And Catch Fire. Good show for computer geeks. - 1 year ago
2. I am not sure why 19 people so far like a young girl being seriously injured. - 1 year ago
3. Nice. I thought the video was going to be about how great the sovereign citizen douche is. - 2 years ago

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1. Santa Fe 3751 (Los Angeles-San Bernardino) - 5 months ago
2. How Stabilizers Reduce a Ship's Roll - 11 months ago
3. Tongue Weight Safety Demonstration - 11 months ago

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1. Corona virus: Food sharing incident during panic buying - 4 weeks ago
2. $40 YETI Bucket vs Generic Bucket - 4 weeks ago
3. Dog steals fake teeth - 4 weeks ago

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