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1. I don’t know anyone who thinks this disease affects only the very old or infirm and the media certainly isn’t presenting it in a way that would lead one to to believe such a thing, at least not in the US. I can’t speak for the UK. In fact, the hyperbolic media has gone full bore with the notion young and old alike are going to be killed by this virus. - 4 months ago
2. Your graph is completely useless given your monstrous caveats. Plus, you ought to mention China’s figures need to be completely disregarded as they quit testing for new cases among it’s subjects almost 2 months ago and are thoroughly dishonest with the number of deaths reported. You need to read the reports of urns shipped, possibly 50-60,000 over the same period a year prior (last 3 months of last year vs. last 3 mos. of 2018). It’s difficult to get credible information because China’s kicked out foreign reporter and they imprison or murder reporters in their own country who honestly report what they see. - 4 months ago
3. Dumb video. Hindsight is 20/20. The President is trying to be hopeful and optimistic here. How awful. /s How about we post a submission with the truly horrendous and brain-dead utterances of the pseudo-media, as they work everyone into a frenzy rather than uniting us? The President is working day and night with his cabinet and top health officials getting positive things done, unlike the prior President with the swine flu (H1N1). He sat on his hands and the so-called media couldn’t care less about it. Rather than focusing on the positive, they dedicate all their energy into labeling the President a racist for correctly identifying the origin of the Pandemic. Of course the disgraceful fake news media choose to be mouthpieces for the communist Chinese government in order to attack President Trump. Sickening And truly a disservice to the American public. - 5 months ago

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1. Because China - 4 months ago

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