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1. Give this guy a medal! - 1 year ago
2. no mention of natural human instincts: survival. everything we do turns around survival. Even a billionaire who wants to open more factories, use cheap energy, cheap labour to make more benefit. Why does he need it if he already has more than what he can spend during his entire life? To ensure the surviving of his gens, his grand kids, ... Nautre instinct tells us to help your self survive. If it's more efficient to make an alliance with others, do it. but if you have to choose between you and your ally, save yourself! - 1 year ago
3. How sponsors ruin a good idea is by removing the creativity. Wikipedia is the best example of a good idea that is fighting against money and sponsors. It's doing great. IMDB is an opposite example since it was a free library, now purchased by Amazone, you can question what information they put first. In this video, I agree that the sponsor payed for all the infrastructure but the prank will end there. Where as if it was free, it would maybe escalade into a viral prank giving birth to an explosion of creativity. But it always ends the same way, money buys the idea and put kills the spirit by trying to have a return on investment. - 1 year ago

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1. Where do you come from? - 4 years ago

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