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1. As a "law student", can you explain why the shooters name is not mentioned anywhere? I am not a "law student", however, I do know that once arrested, the public's "right to know" takes precedence over a minors "right to privacy". Even now, in 2015, the shooter would be 23 and there is still zero information to be found. Not through social media nor through legal sources. I am including a link of a 12 year old suspect who's name has been released. He's 12 and has yet to be convicted. I found Ross' story to be very inspirational. However, we live in a world in which we can pull up pictures and recordings from hundreds of years ago. We live in a world that requires little faith. Everything that should be known, everything that could POSSIBLY be known as fact is readily available at anytime. I do beg of you to share a name, a case #, pictures from the hospital, Facebook updates, ANYTHING that pre-dates 2011. I may not be a "law student", but I KNOW that despite my divorce not making newspapers, I can go to my counties legal site and find it, just like everyone else can. Hell, I can find it by Googling my name. Also, as a non law student, victims definitely have rights. They have more rights than a suspect or a convict. Hell, witnesses have more rights than suspects and convicts. Yet it's the "victims" story we are hearing and nothing about the CONVICTED. NOTHING. Surely there would have been/ would be appeals taking place. So, Law Student, what's the name of the "23 year old" sitting in prison for shooting Ross Capachioni? - 4 years ago

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