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1. It is not uncommon for there to be pacers at elite events, although not this many, and the pacers are not allowed to rotate in and out like they did here. I also love the fact that one of the pacers was sporting the Prefontaine ‘stache. As you say, still super impressive. Only a matter of time before someone does it in competition now that it has been done under ideal conditions. - 2 days ago
2. I can see why that would strike you as absurd. But I can also see why others have grave concerns about the interaction (and it seems those others may include White House staff and members of the intelligence committee). I also agree that the democrats are likewise politically motivated. (Where was all this indignation when Hilary Clinton had set up a private email server at her house for conducting government business as secretary of state? What dealings with foreign officials was SHE trying to keep from the public eye? And why don't I hear any democrats saying, "maybe we better look into these concerns about the Bidens before we try to elect Joe Biden only to find out later he really did try to obstruct justice on behalf of his son.") But do we just shrug and say "wellp, that's the way Washington works!" Perhaps. But if we just abandon commitment to (1) decorum, (2) moral principles, (3) rule of law, it seems to me we are on a downward spiral. Note that I am certainly NOT saying one party or the other has the moral high ground--they certainly do not. But someday we need to start holding our leaders more accountable. Maybe today is not that day, or maybe this issue is not that issue. - 6 days ago
3. I don't know how the above response to Dave got posted under "guest". It was my response. Since it seems to be attracting down votes I figure I should take proper ownership of it. =) - 6 days ago

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