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1. Meditation is allowing your thoughts to slow to as near to a stop as possible so that you can fully attend to the present moment, which is very often contains a number of remarkable things. Focusing on your breathing is one way to reduce the mental chatter toward that end. The video above is a useful introduction. I also enjoyed Sam Harris' demonstration ( and Eckhart Tolle's discussion and exercise ( was actually my first exposure to these things and was life changing for me. - 1 week ago
2. I think it is because (1) it really, really feels like we have free will, (2) many (most?) people are horrified by determinism because they think it means the absence of both responsibility and freedom (which it doesn’t) and (3) figuring out how determinism is compatible with the things we really value from the idea of “free will” is too much work. And, finally, just because we cannot presently see where free will would “reside” or how it could be something that is neither stochastic nor determined does not mean that we won’t discover an unexpected solution to this seemingly unsolvable problem in the future. So some people are just holding out hope. :) - 3 weeks ago
3. Yes. Because I have to. - 3 weeks ago

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