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1. Dave, you must not have listened to the music. This hunk of truck-vation is designed for a post apocalyptic world where there are no longer any navigable hard surfaces, but there are truck chargers. And as for not wanting 4 engines? Well, Dave, than you shall not be saved. - 2 weeks ago
2. Nice technology. And from the music it is apparent that, at last, our species is saved. On behalf of all humanity, thank you Rivian. - 2 weeks ago
3. I disagree with most of Dave’s comments, but they are not ignorant. They are thought out and based on information he has gone to the trouble to acquire. Here he is speaking from a long tradition of belief that is of tremendous value to many many people (myself included)—although those beliefs come in many different variations and sadly have all too often been weaponized to repress and harm others. But that does not mean there is no wisdom there. I find that ad hominem attacks often arise out of the cognitive dissonance that occurs when someone else’s position does not match one’s own but they lack the data to refute it on the grounds of truth. I don’t always agree with Dave’s selection of data or interpretation of data but I do find him thought provoking. I would not have used Dave’s verbiage, and I don’t know anything about this nice couple or what went into their decisions, but I would not classify Dave as “insanely ignorant” either. There is value to commitment. Their is value to minding our own business. There is value to thoughtful discourse. Oh, and happy holidays to all. - 3 weeks ago

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