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1. fake as hell - 5 years ago
2. Did you watch the video? it may be the same ditch but a different video -.- - 6 years ago
3. it says in the video info that it is an actor because they felt it was ethically incorrect to use the poverty of an actual human being to get the message across. nevertheless they have done the same without an actor and without a camera with an actual homeless person! - 6 years ago

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1. Amazing Travel Trip - 3 years ago
2. Amazing Graffiti Art in Under 7 Minutes - 4 years ago
3. Bizarre Accident in China - 4 years ago

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1. $40 YETI Bucket vs Generic Bucket - 5 months ago
2. Racing Commentary - Animated - 1 year ago
3. How Record Players Work - 2 years ago

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