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1. I do think solar is very useful though. It is a great source of power generation, it is just not able to replace other generators for all our needs. I think we should fill all car parking lots with them. So they are not using otherwise useful land, and they can shade all the cars that park under them. - 3 days ago
2. I think it is sad so many people are scared of nuclear. Yes it has it dangers that need to be accounted for, but technology has come so far. I remember listening to an indepth interview of a nuclear safety expert a couple years after Fukushima. He was explaining that the people in charge of the plant basically had made an enormous string of about 30 errors that broke protocol and made things significantly worse. He was arguing that it was pretty close to a perfect storm of things going wrong, to some of the oldest equipment, and yet it still comparatively was not that bad. Until we make a break through on fusion technology we NEED nuclear and shut off every coal and diesel generator. - 3 days ago
3. LOL Science! - 5 days ago

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2. Music Video - What Does The Fox Say? - 6 years ago

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