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1. That was pure luck - 2 days ago
2. Apparently I already know how to properly mow a lawn because I already do this. Also, who the heck trims their edges at 45 degrees? - 2 days ago
3. Lol. I had a similar reaction. Seems like a lot of work for a mediocre end result - 2 days ago

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1. Could the Earth be overrun with Trash? - 2 months ago
2. Making the Spider-Man Mask - 2 months ago
3. It’s really safe to operate - 3 months ago

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1. Norm Macdonald Epic trolling at Bob Saget roast - 11 months ago

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1. Synchronized Screen Juggling - 4 days ago
2. A lot of the 80's crammed into one commercial - 1 week ago
3. NYC skyscraper saved by a student’s question - 1 week ago

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