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1. Looks fun. I guess if you can afford to break your motorbike for a great thrill it’s a pretty good deal - 1 day ago
2. That was awesome! Great work. - 1 day ago
3. Why do you need 14 minutes and 28 seconds to say, "I flew up in a balloon and jumped"? - 1 day ago

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1. Joe Rogan’s Thoughts on the Tesla Cyber Truck - 1 day ago
2. Are we Doomed? - 2 weeks ago
3. A Message to Climate Alarmists - 2 weeks ago

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1. Norm Macdonald Epic trolling at Bob Saget roast - 1 year ago

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1. What's the Highest Distance You Can Possibly Fall From? - 6 days ago
2. 23 strange things about life in America (from a Kiwi) - 1 week ago
3. Kid vs. Trash can - 1 week ago

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