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1. Clearly she's looking for a man to buy her a new phone. You shouldn't need to fish in the comments to figure that out. Duh. - 1 week ago
2. Dave I got you. This is why you don't give a woman an expensive phone. They'll drop it and can't pay for it. - 1 week ago
3. I like how the butcher has zero reaction whatsoever. - 2 weeks ago

Video submissions:
1. What's the World's Most Littered Plastic Item? Cigarette Butts | National Geographic - 3 days ago
2. The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant - 5 days ago
3. How 'I Spy' Books Are Made - 2 weeks ago

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1. Just another day at the office feeding venomous snakes - 4 years ago
2. - Now That - 4 years ago

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1. Parkour Runner Misses Jump And Falls Off High Rise Roof, Catches Himself On Electric Wires - 1 week ago
2. This Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures Out of Fabric - 1 week ago
3. THE SIMPSONS. Russian Art Film Version - 1 week ago

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