Name: Stephen
About me: I like to throw frisbees
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1. LIES! - 1 day ago
2. I live in EU I got Nord VPN. It totally sucks that there are so many restrictions. I had A LOT of videos blocked from BOYT and got sick of it too. - 3 days ago
3. I honesty think that the flat earth society, is one of the greatest trolls on the planet. In that sense it's genius. - 5 days ago

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1. Every Chad Ever: Part 1 - SNL - 5 days ago
2. Cursed Comments (I'm sorry) - 2 weeks ago
3. 8chan: Hate and the Internet I VICE News Tonight Special Report - 1 month ago

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1. Just another day at the office feeding venomous snakes - 4 years ago
2. - Now That - 4 years ago

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1. Oranges: Which came first, the fruit or the colour? - 2 days ago
2. How cruise ships are destroying the world - 2 days ago
3. Every Chad Ever: Part 1 - SNL - 4 days ago

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