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1. I am not worried about the climate anymore. - 7 months ago
2. I do love to see these videos... It's just that at this point why do people still need to be in the tunnel at the same time as the explosion; I'm sure if someones ear protection wasn't on right or seated properly they could go deaf for life. - 8 months ago
3. Did anyone see the video before ViralHog CR striked it. Is there another link? - 8 months ago

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1. My husband during home renovations | Dude Dad - 3 months ago
2. 93-year-old Speeder - 7 months ago
3. Doctor Answers Commonly Googled Questions About Coronavirus - 7 months ago

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1. Just another day at the office feeding venomous snakes - 5 years ago
2. - Now That - 5 years ago

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1. Karens But With Zombie Noises - 1 week ago
2. Dad uses 100% of his brain - 1 week ago
3. Amazing Russian Floating Folk Dance - 3 months ago

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