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1. Mr. Joyce, I can not agree with you more. More than a decade ago, I was having a conversation and I said: "The person who actually invents a good battery will be the richest man alive when time comes." We don't have a good battery. If you string out a gallon of fuel for a mile, how thin would it be... do that for a truck 12 miles, and a care 32 miles... it gets thinner and thinner. It takes a whole car battery to just get the thing started. And there isn't a battery that will actually (none of them) that will hold a substantial amount of charge for more than a few months at best. I realized this a long time ago. And if you tell me, Tesla is doing something amazing or whatever, you're wrong. We are going in the right direction, but we don't even have a TV remote that will outlast the TV (in battery terms). If we had an actual efficient battery, my watch should outlive me, and my son. - 6 days ago
2. Dave came up with that sign. It seems to be working. You can't sell things to Dave. - 6 days ago
3. I actually hate that house. - 2 months ago

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