Name: Stephen
About me: I like to throw frisbees
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1. If they just called drunk people first. Yes the plane would be boarded immediately, we would all find seats; however, just don't tell us to do anything else, and the flight will be fine. - 4 days ago
2. Well, when we look back... we'll know the better man. Bill Gates. Sorry Steve. - 1 week ago
3. WTF - 1 week ago

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1. Denver Pays Homeless to Help Clean Up the City - 2 weeks ago
2. Fascinating Moments in Presidential History - Drunk History - 4 days ago
3. Loneliness - 6 days ago

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1. Just another day at the office feeding venomous snakes - 3 years ago
2. - Now That - 4 years ago

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1. Preparing a gigantic Squid - 4 hours ago
2. Denver Pays Homeless to Help Clean Up the City - 5 hours ago
3. Physicist Brian Cox Explains Black Holes in Plain English - 5 hours ago

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