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1. This is bullshit this couldnt stand with any wind whatsoever and this method is way worse than just pumping water up into a tower... - 8 months ago
2. Well after checking the map i saw that they build many plants after i was learning about it luckily they build the plants just as central as can be so i have to retract my statement with the border Plants. - 9 months ago
3. Nice propaganda. They talk about the amount of ground to dig up materials for batteries but dont talk about of ground to dig up for uranium. They talk about the amount of money spend on renewable but not about how much the nuclear waste will cost on the long run. They talk about being short sighted with the switch to renewable but not how short sighted nuclear waste disposal or substudies paid. They talk about savety of plant but dont talk about what other accidents than fukushima and chernobil also happend. They talk about france but dont tell that they build all theire plants at the border to germany where thereis a nearly constand east wind. Fuck off... - 9 months ago

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