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1. You can search google for Dead animals being shredded with a machine like this.. They shred Cows, Horses etc. O_O - 9 years ago
2. I've watched it a 100 times over and I still don't understand this SORCERY.. Burn the Ref at a stake I say.. BURN HIM O_O - 9 years ago
3. Look at an Octopus upside down, and tell me what it looks like ;) ... Who's to say it's not? - 9 years ago

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1. EGGISODE 1 - "CRACKED NERVES" - 7 years ago

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1. An Astronaut's View of Earth - 5 years ago
2. Christmas Surprise Traffic Stop with Lowell Police - 5 years ago
3. Cat Piano - 5 years ago

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