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Gently hold and pull the two wires apart, and watch the magic unfold! The two wires appear to be unwinding, but in fact, they never do. Keep pulling and the wires will turn in a never-ending spiral. It is an amazing optical illusion, or alternatively you can think of it as a neat magic trick.
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SpaceX and NASA on January 19 purposefully blew up a Falcon 9 rocket. The "in-flight abort" test was meant to assess the Crew Dragon escape system. The Crew Dragon is a spacecraft attached to the Falcon 9 that is designed to take human passengers to space. The planned explosion can be tied to the Apollo 1 accident in which three astronauts died during a preflight test. Some experts believe that the space race pressured NASA into cutting corners at the expense of safety while testing Apollo 1. This led to stricter regulations for space missions that still apply today.
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