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1. amazing people putting themselves into danger for strangers...without hesitation. the word "hero" is most definitely not wasted on these men. - 1 year ago
2. its like some awesome blues mixed with a little California Regea-Rock. Sublime or Slightly Stupid with an old Luisiana soul - 1 year ago
3. yeah, what was this pilot thinking? From behind and above the oncoming craft. Just glad to see the innocent pilot lands safely - 5 years ago

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1. "Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor - 3 years ago
2. Flip Extremely Sorry - Lance Mountain - 3 years ago

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1. Attack of the Tumbleweed - 1 year ago
2. Winning the JACKPOT in Japan - 1 year ago
3. How To Make Your Own Salt Crystal - 1 year ago

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