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1. This site is called Best Of YouTube, not Trash of YouTube. Vine compilations are some of the worst content on the internet and do not deserve this site. - 1 week ago
2. This isn't a YouTube video. This site is called best of YouTube, not best of Instagram. Don't be a stupid reposter. - 3 months ago
3. Stupid reposted video. Not fit for sharing on BestOfYouTube as it's an old video, a repost of a repost of a repost. - 3 months ago

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1. Auctioneer Beats (ORIGINAL, NOT THE STOLEN ONE) - 11 months ago

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1. Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV - 1 week ago
2. Amazing Magic Compilation - 1 week ago
3. Despacito - Rubber Chicken Version - 2 weeks ago

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