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1. this comment is dumb and I thought it was a spoof comment - 6 hours ago
2. Of course it will. That wasn't my point. This video is about the sheer silliness of claim electric vehicles will "wreak havoc on oil markets WITHIN A DECADE." Let's not kid ourselves. EVs aren't practical or appealing for most people unless they improve the range, cost (even with all the wasteful subsidies), and reliability. If Tesla is successful, kudos to them, but they need to stand on their own two feet without the need for government subsidies (which are central to their business model). - 6 hours ago
3. Speaking of facile arguments. Suggesting the only mineral suitable for EVE batteries is lithium. Suggesting battery technology will not adapt/advance in twenty years is preposterous. - 18 hours ago

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1. Call From Jail - 4 years ago
2. Jet Man flies in formation with jets - 4 years ago
3. Jim Carrey Doing Faces - 4 years ago

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