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1. And please, stop with the religious bullshit, it's hurting our lives. - 1 day ago
2. Everybody is so afraid of death that they live their life in delusion, focusing more on an imaginary afterlife rather than on enjoying the very limited time we get to spend on earth. Death isn't nice of course and being immortal would be super, but since we ain't getting that it's time for a reality check and for a change in our way of thinking of life and death. The way I see things, every second of life you get is a biological miracle: be grateful for it. If you get two seconds, be double grateful. And so on: whether you get a month, a year, a decade or, you lucky bastard, a century, be fucking grateful. Life is short and unpredictable, let's not waste it on worrying on when we're going to die: it could be tomorrow or it could be in a hundred years, there's no way of knowing it. So, try not to spend your time worrying and thinking of something you don’t know, and concentrate on what you do know: you’re alive right now, enjoy it. - 1 day ago
3. I hope you're being sarcastic - 2 days ago

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1. Call From Jail - 4 years ago
2. Jet Man flies in formation with jets - 4 years ago
3. Jim Carrey Doing Faces - 4 years ago

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1. Manatee Squash bumping into window - 4 years ago
2. Britney Spears at her best - 4 years ago
3. Jean Claude Van Damme is gay - 4 years ago

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