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1. I can't really see how things got easier. Also, this video itself shows some structural flaws, like how to handle subtle variations. Finally, the shown examples often gave one visible pattern that wasn't consistent to its audible equivalent. Not surprisingly, I'm not convinced. - 54 minutes ago
2. "Vafan" (Vad fan)= Swedish for "What the hell/WTF" - 7 hours ago
3. Guys...Chaaaargine ain nut Chaaargine - 1 day ago

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1. Call From Jail - 2 years ago
2. Jet Man flies in formation with jets - 2 years ago
3. Jim Carrey Doing Faces - 2 years ago

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1. Manatee Squash bumping into window - 2 years ago
2. Britney Spears at her best - 2 years ago
3. Jean Claude Van Damme is gay - 2 years ago

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