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1. You don't seem to understand. I have no doubt that land made these sorts of formations in the past. Tectonic plates move, therefore over a long period of time land will move a little like this. What my point is, beyond pangea, how in the flying flip can anyone possibly know what land formations looked like? Even in this video, it says past 1000mya they basically have absolutely no clue whatsoever of how the land formation looked. Forget it then! Don't pretend to know if you have no idea, and pass it off like "it probably looked like this". No proof! It's a useless video. The first half of this video might as well have been a lava lamp as that's basically all they've attempted here. Show me the proof the videos maps are accurate, otherwise the video is pure conjecture - 1 day ago
2. Just because you haven't seen and/or don't understand the proof, doesn't mean it exists - 1 day ago
3. Lol. Uneducated halfwits commenting here :D - 1 day ago

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