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1. @DaveJoyce: if you say that nature is his religion, Neil would probably agree with you. Mathematics and logic would be his holly book. The difference with other religions and cults is that nature isn't created by humans and doesn't contain lies. - 4 days ago
2. @omarbellamine: True about science. that it will recover from scratch again. But it's also the case about religion. People believe in religion because they prefer to give the control to something else. Because they think they are safer that way. Also because people see pattern whenever something happens twice or even once. Without a scientific approach, of course their conclusion will be wrong. Like superstition. There people who believe in astrology: The power of planet is so big, that it must have an influence on their behavior. They cannot accept that they are the master of their soul. - 4 days ago
3. @guest: I didn't insult your beloved Neil. But it is obvious that you don't know how to handle a conversation as a grown up yet. Good luck in your learning. - 4 days ago

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1. Where do you come from? - 11 months ago

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