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1. Damn, got me xD - 5 months ago
2. And here is the Video, that REALLY should be featured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcAX25QTsPc Put on the subtitles! - 5 months ago
3. Well, it predicted nothing, it just recognized the stationary vehicles and warned the driver that the end of a traffic jam might be ahead. - 6 months ago

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1. Price Comparison - 9 months ago
2. Most Powerful Fire Truck - 10 months ago
3. Snap Cover with Cable Static Noises - 11 months ago

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1. The Marathon Project - 3 years ago

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1. When you realise you have been caught on CCTV - 1 month ago
2. Guy brings his 1960s Rolex for appraisal - 4 months ago
3. State trooper makes PSA for ‘pretty incredible’ turn signal - 4 months ago

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