Name: Stephen
About me: I like to throw frisbees
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1. To me it looks really similar... take out the jerkyness of the simulator it's as close as I'd expect. - 1 week ago
2. The only thing left to do is make a plane that works... like a paper plane manufactured through the machine that you can be proud of... quality of the build is shit... hehehehe. I love it. - 2 weeks ago
3. It is unethical to overbook, when the service was already paid for. I can tell you that first hand, when I was bumped from American Airlines flight for my last chance to see my family before heading to Iraq. - 3 weeks ago

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1. Traffic - 1 month ago
2. Cyclists chased by an ostrich - 11 months ago
3. Duck Hunt Nintendo Master Has Grown Up - 4 months ago

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1. Just another day at the office feeding venomous snakes - 1 year ago
2. - Now That - 2 years ago

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1. Lazy DJs - 1 week ago
2. A barrier trembles with cold - 1 week ago
3. Sulfur Hexafluoride Blooper - 1 week ago

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