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1. What??? Im not even sure if you are a idiot here, you mix like three different theories in one thesis and it doesnt make any sence. First to make a great music by using samples of other artist isnt less impressive or "lazy". Every new work is a reuse of the works before it, innovation is reusing and reinventing the same stuff over and over. Also i dont see what skincolor has to do with this its pretty racist to bring that up. Also yes the US had some great artists over the years, but are you implying we cant hear or use that music in europe becouse it was originated in the US? Im really confused what you are trying to say here. About the war you know the russians won over nazi germany much much more than the US. So yeah if you are a russian you are right but that would be pretty messed up since you already implyed you are living in the US. And lastly the cars you mean are probably BMW and Mercedes and thats german not french. Man nice troll made me reply. 5 out of 7 - 5 months ago
2. Well as long as you didnt figured it out, and you didnt, its still magic and entertaining. - 5 months ago
3. Thing is the world is catching up way faster than we like to admit in the west, our peak is over already... - 6 months ago

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